I have been creating art all my life. I had my first art show at my grandmother’s house when I was about five. My relatives obligingly paid dimes and even quarters for my first creations. If I remember correctly, they were crayon, the big box of 64 colors.

Then I moved on to painted rocks that my uncle sold for me in his flower shop. Later, as a rebellious teenager, I began fashioning deerskin leather halter tops and purses. (Am I dating myself now?) They were adorned in hand cut lacing, feathers, and turquoise stones.

As an adult I became a floral designer and later I started the first incarnation of Temporary Insanity. I wanted to work at home with my then two small children and I started a hand painted clothing business that had a cowboys and Indians theme.(I live in Colorado.) That lasted for seven years and we had a great run. Fun times! Now I juggle my art with interior design, which I also consider to be an art form. The Vintage People come from all the stuff I’ve collected over the years, simply because I was attracted to it and knew that one day, it would become something real,like The Vintage People.

I have one art hero and that is my uncle, Charles Maloy Love. He is in his seventies now and still creates the most fabulously delicious floral designs in his shop in Mountain Brook, Alabama. He taught me about art, exposed me to design and taught me to always do my best. That’s what I’m always trying to do now.

Most of my ideas come from the way I look at something. I’m very visual. I’m always processing, processing what I’ve seen. My favorite thing is making something out of nothing. When I’m looking for parts for The Vintage People, I am thinking of body parts and suddenly that’s what different objects become!

My husband Alan and I are scavengers at heart. There’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt! We love to look for antiques, shop at thrift stores, garage sales, anywhere we might find something different or unusual. That sets the tone for my other passions, art and interior design!

I am a full time interior designer with my own business, Design the Hall-Way, as well as an artist. Interior design is really a giant 3D collage, mixed media assemblage of colors and textures, space and form. When I am designing a home, a most personal, sacred space, I am creating art in 3-D for the person who lives there. I am very passionate about it!

When I am creating art, it is the same! The art I create is about finding the right pieces to make a statement that is personal, tells a story and makes you smile and maybe even laugh. I need to be creating at all times.

My husband Alan and I also make the jewelry found in our shop. We make mixed media, found object jewelry as well as beaded jewelry. The jewelry we make which contains the hand painted and printed images of women are a collaboration between Alan, me, and our friend, La Reyna Sofia in Mexico (We lived in Mexico the past 2 1/2 years).

La Reyna Sofia hand prints the images by etching the design on an acrylic plate, then she inks and hand rolls the plate and paper through a printing press. Later, she hand paints them with acrylics and watercolors.

Each one is two sided, and individually created for a fun and unique prospective on powerful women. Many of her women represent the Luche Libre, the Mexican wrestler. This long time cultural icon was originally women, which is why they wore the masks, to conceal their true identities. Now more men than women take on this popular role, but La Reyna wants everyone to understand the importance of strong women in today's society.

We take these unique and creative women and mix them with our hand beaded bracelets, necklaces, of just plain beaded chain. My husband Alan solders the pendants to give them an antiqued look, not a perfect look, but one of having been around for a long time, handled, worn, and loved!

We hope you will come back and visit often!
Female, Born on June 12
Favorite Materials
found objects, wire, paper, cigar boxes, mod podge

Recycled Art-Blame it on Temporary Insanity!

Welcome to Temporary Insanity where my husband Alan and I create some crazy mixed-up and utterly delightful personalities, "The Vintage People." They would love to go live at your house, or your friend's house... either way, they enjoy hanging around. In fact, that's what they do...they hang by a hook on their backside.

They are made out of antique door plates, old hardware,vintage casters, bobbins, crystals, whatever we can find that's fun and funky! We are scavengers at heart.
Keep checking back! There's always something new and we would love to personalize something for you!

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