PEPENELOPE PRETENDS Altered Art/Assemblage

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PENELOPE PRETENDS Alterd Art/Assemblage

Penelope is a good pretender. She likes to tell people she’s an exiled princess from a small country whose name is too difficult to pronounce. She even speaks with a false accent. It’s all just a part of her eccentricities, of which there are many.

Penelope loves jewelry so she’s decked out in two vintage brooches. Her wings are old hat hooks, (I think they would be fun to hang earrings on.) Her legs are ceramic resistors with feet that are drawer knobs. Her hips are an old drawer pull and her face is surrounded by a part from an old lamp. She is 16.5” by 8”. Penelope is made to hang on the wall.

PEPENELOPE PRETENDS Altered Art/Assemblage

Recycled Art-Blame it on Temporary Insanity!

Welcome to Temporary Insanity where my husband Alan and I create some crazy mixed-up and utterly delightful personalities, "The Vintage People." They would love to go live at your house, or your friend's house... either way, they enjoy hanging around. In fact, that's what they do...they hang by a hook on their backside.

They are made out of antique door plates, old hardware,vintage casters, bobbins, crystals, whatever we can find that's fun and funky! We are scavengers at heart.
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